Here are our top tips and recommendations for showing your property to its best.

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Make your property stand out


First impressions count

First impressions are one of the most important parts of a viewing, a tidy approach to your property is essential so make sure your garden, paths and front drive are as presentable as possible, along with your front door being cleaned and polished.


Create the right ambiance

A light and airy property creates an inviting atmosphere, opening all curtains and blinds fully will let maximum natural light in. On gloomy winter days, lamps and lighting are essential.


Clutter free zone

It is vitally important that when showing your property, as much floor space as possible is visible with toys and mess put away. Kitchen work surfaces should be clean and uncluttered, beds made and clothes tidied away. Not only will this make your property look larger, it shows you care about your home, which will then come across during viewings.


Clean and tidy

A clean and tidy, fresh smelling home is far more appealing. Before viewings it is always advisable to have hoovered, dusted and polished throughout, make sure your kitchen & bathrooms are clean and sparkling as these are keys rooms to many viewers. Not only will this enhance the property but it will also eradicate any odours which can be off putting. Windows should be cleaned, both inside and out.


Pets! Your other member of the family

In some cases pet odour is more obvious to non pet owners and so before viewings it is recommended that windows are opened in order to air your property. Litter trays, bowls, pet toys and dog beds should be cleaned or hidden away for the viewing.

Where possible dogs should be taken for a walk and cats let out while the viewing takes place as an over welcoming pet can detract from the object of the viewing.


Empty and vacant properties

Where a property is no longer lived in whether it is still furnished or completely empty, it is still imperative that not only the property is initially cleaned and polished but where possible post is removed on a regular basis, all light bulbs are working and in the winter months the heating left ticking over. With empty properties, before a viewing we will endeavour to remove post and place in drawers or cupboards for you. In an empty property it is always worth using a plug in air freshener or bowl of potpourri to keep the property smelling fresh.


External appearances

Many potential clients will carry out a drive by external viewing before making an appointment. It is vital that gardens are as well maintained as possible in preparation for the viewing, with neatly cut lawns and swept drives and pathways. Overgrown plants, shrubbery and trees should always be cut back and debris, leaves and litter removed.

A visit to the local tip may be required to dispose of any rubbish that may not have been collected in time for the viewing.

If you would like us to visit you at your home to advise on any of the above points, we would be delighted to do so.